About Us

Providence is a unique and special city.  From the beginning when Roger Williams befriended the indigenous Americans, the city has carried a tradition of tolerance.  Today, the city is made up of people of many ethnicities, cultures, religions, LGBTQ distinctions, political thought and economic levels.  SouthPVD has been developed to lift up the community and to provide a platform to help our citizens better understand the communities in which they live and other neighborhoods that are nearby.

This site has been developed by the staff of the Providence Community Library with locations at Knight Memorial Library, South Providence Library and Washington Park Library.  The intent is to provide a forum and voice for community stakeholders with content that is specific to the neighborhoods mostly located in the South Side of Providence.

Individuals contributing to the creation of this site:

Rod Burkett, Regional Library Coordinator – Concept Originator
Stephanie Shea, Web Developer/Tech Instructor – Site Developer
Donna Woodworth, Circulation Clerk – Content Developer
Seth Bonenfant, Circulation Clerk – Content Developer
July-October 2016