Sankofa EATS is back!

It’s Time For Sankofa EATS!

Sankofa Eats is a series of community meals hosted by West Elmwood Housing Development Corporation. Sankofa Eats aims to showcase local assets including local chefs, businesses, and produce while providing an opportunity for people in our community to gather and share not just a meal together, but an experience. Our next Sankofa Eats will take place on Thursday June 6 from 6-8PM in the Sankofa Community Room. 

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Meet the Chef

This Sankofa Eats will feature one of our Sankofa Kitchen Members, Chef Jessica Zeon founder of Distinguish Catering. Distinguish Catering is a local catering business that prioritizes on giving each event a unique essence. With a Liberian background, foreign natural ingredients are incorporated to enhance your palates.

Volunteer With Us!

Sankofa Eats can’t happen without the support of our dedicated volunteers.
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