Stop Motion Animation Workshops at the Washington Park Library

Over the course of 5 weeks starting on Tuesday January 15 at 3:30pm, learn a variety of stop motion animation techniques used to create illusion with RIMOSA! The RIMOSA Animation Station is a one stop shop for creating animations.  Using an iPad, and an app named “stop motion,” users can take a series of still images that are strung together to create animated movies.  The iPad is attached to an arm that allows you to shoot downward and use the exhibit’s table as a backdrop, or to shoot horizontally for a more three dimensional look — all while seeing your creation come to life on a large overhead monitor.

Participants will experiment with object animation, cut paper animation, claymation, & pixilation. They will create characters and storyboards while working to create their own Stop Motion Animation Films.

For school-age kids and teens. Class space limited – please sign up by contacting Amy Rosa, Library Manager, at (401) 781-3136 or email

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